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Where Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Political figures and other community professionals come to train. We also train first time shooters and everyone in between. WE GUARANTEE OUR TRAINING will meet and exceed State Standards to ensure you receive the quality training you deserve.
Our Instructors have years of law enforcement experience, professional experience in training, and firearms training. We are confident you'll enjoy our courses of instruction, both in the classroom and on the range. We provide interactive training to ensure that you receive both classroom and hands on training for the ultimate firearms experience.
We utilize static and reactive ranges during our courses of instruction. These courses are designed to help develop your confidence, skills and knowledge and are presented by instructors with extensive backgrounds in training, law enforcement, firearms and the law regardless of your experience in handling firearms.
We have courses that our instructors have created for shooters of all levels. We also have NRA courses that are available and we will custom design courses for you or your group, depending on your specific needs.
Even if you are thinking of using other instructors, give us a call. We'll tell you what the State requires to insure you get the training you need and arm you with the right questions to ask. We'll also provide you with phone numbers or web site information so you know the truth. There are a lot of instructors out there that fall short when it comes to providing the proper instruction, meeting State requirements and taking short cuts.
Check out our qualifications and what others have to say about us!
“Recently my wife and I attended the Southwest Firearms Academy Concealed Weapons Permit Class. I went to refresh my firearms carry permit and my wife went to get her permit for the first time. We were both quite
impressed with the time that Curtis, Debbie, Todd and Ryan took to answer our questions during the classroom session. In the classroom we learned about the laws that pertain to carrying a concealed weapon, they helped us to fill out all the forms that we needed to send in, did our fingerprints, and taught us how a weapon should be held and stances that would help us to shoot a weapon well. When it came time to qualify new shooters were given individual coaching to help them until they were able to qualify with their weapons. This is my second time attending a Concealed Weapons Permit Class, but I actually learned more here. I have to say I was quite impressed with the time that the Southwest Firearms Academy took to ensure that everyone was able to learn and qualify.” Edward A.
“I just wanted to say, "thanks again" for allowing me to take your CCW class this weekend. It was a pleasure getting to know you both [Curtis and Debbie], along with my other classmates. Your one-on-one training provided me with the confidence to not only handle a weapon, but to even learn how to load it -- all without feeling embarrassed for not knowing the basics.
I'm very proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone to tackle something which is a bit scary. I gained not only self-confidence in handling a gun, but also in myself (another item I can strike off my "bucket list.") I have a friend who is anxiously awaiting my assessment of your CCW course. I will definitely give you guys five-star kudos, and recommend she take the class and use you to instruct her. Thanks also to Todd and Ryan for their expertise, along to all of my fellow classmates who jumped in to lend us novices a helping hand when we needed it.
Curtis: You have a great sense of humor which lends itself well to the subject matter of the class -- don't ever lose it! And thanks for helping me in the very beginning in choosing a firearm -- I know I chose the right one for me.
Debbie: You are such a pleasure to know and talk to, and your inner strength really shows through; I will emulate you, because I think our strength, in how we present ourselves as women, will lend itself to also keeping us safe (hopefully, without having to resort to the use of a gun). I'll continue to improve on my gun skills, and will probably see you in future classes.” Sue M.
"Your class is the second Concealed Carry Class that my wife and I have attended. After attending your class, it was like we had never attended a class before. We gained more knowledge and gun handling skills, as well as knowledge of the law, than we had received from the previous instructor." Mack W.
"Total content exceeded what I expected. Anytime I learned something, it was worth it -and this was."  Mike G.
Course Evaluation Comments:
"The instructors were very patient and helpful. They were also very informative about the guns available. I really enjoyed the overall course. I liked that although I was nervous, I didn't feel intimidated because of my lack of experience."
"You guys are the best! I will recommend you!"
"All questions were properly answered, no hesitation. The instructor would go one on one to assist."
"What I liked the most about the course was that the instructors made everyone feel at ease and took time with each person."
"The instructors treated every person with respect."
"It was fun and informative! The videos and Power Point were well done and paced at appropriate times."
"What I liked most about the course was the individual instructors and how they helped improve not only my own safety, but my accuracy in how to shoot better."
"I appreciated the patience of the instructors and the detailed explanations. All subjects were well covered."
"I learned how to shoot a semi-automatic pistol! I enjoyed the course and the range time."
"The instructors were very clear and precise on the law and safety."
"I appreciated the personal coaching on the range, and the anecdotes that illustrated the legal points."


Thank You For Visiting Us!

We have standard caliber handgun ammunition available for our students if you have difficulty in finding ammunition to attend our courses. Supplies are limited as we can have trouble finding ammunition the same as you do. We prefer that you bring your own ammunition so that we can save this for those having trouble finding it. We do not sell ammunition to the public. The ammunition we have is for students attending our classes only.
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