Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you do not find your answer here, please refer to the contact information listed at the bottom of this page:
Q. Why should you choose Southwest Firearms Academy over other Instructors?
A. We'll give you a couple of things to think about. Most who are teaching firearms courses have only one Instructor. Southwest Firearms Academy has four instructors and there is no extra charge. Consider that a class is full, many of the shooters are new to firearms. Are you getting enough one-on-one time to help you fix your problems and learn what you went to learn?
Now, let's say that you were unfortunate and had to use your firearm to defend yourself or someone else. Our instructors have law enforcement backgrounds. They understand the law, teach the law, have had to intrepet the law, apply the law, investigate and testify in court. They have extensive backgrounds in training and with firearms. If you ever have to go to court criminally or civilly and your instructor has to go in to testify, would you prefer to have someone testifying that has this background, or someone who doesn't but gave you that lowest price?
Regardless of who you choose for your training, before you make a final decision you should talk with the instructor, ask them questions, find out about their background and experience and then make a decision. Some instructors like to claim that they have law enforcement experience or instructors that assist them to try to draw you in but they only list themselves and a little information about them. You show up to their classes, and it's just them. That's why we put information about our instructors right up front on our website and we make ourselves available to you for questions before you make a decision.
Q. Who do I make my check out to?
A. Southwest Firearms Academy
Q. Do you accept Credit Cards?
A. Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover
Q. What if I got my original CCW from another state?
1) A person seeking to transfer a license from another state may file an aplication for a NM renewed license on the form prescribed by NMDPS, if that state is recognized by NM.
2) An Applicant for transfer must also complete a refresher firearms training course if the firearms training from the other state is not more than one year old prior to the filing of the transfer.
3) An applicant for transfer must complete an initial firearms training course if the firearms training from the other state is more than one year old prior to filing of the transfer.
4) An applicant must show that the requirements for licensure in the other state meet or exceed the requirements for issuance of a license in NM: or, that the applicant has satisfactorily completed the requirements for issuance of a license in NM that were not applicable in the other state.
Q. Do I have to have prior firearms experience to take one of your courses?
A. You do not need to have prior firearms experience. Firearms fundamentals are taught in the Basic and Conceal Carry courses.
If you are considering attending one of our Advanced courses you must have attended one of the basic courses first if you are just starting out. Military, Law Enforcement and Conceal Carry permit holders can attend Advanced courses.
Q. How do I know which firearm is best for me?
A. This is discussed in our basic courses. Each person is different. Consideration must be given to hand size and strength, purpose for which the firearm will be used, affordability and other factors. Our instructors can help guide you.
Q. Do I have to bring my own firearm to the class, or will there be some there I can use?
A. We do have a limited number of firearms that you can rent for $15.00. This cost covers wear and maintenance issues. We prefer that you bring your own firearm that you intend to carry as there is no way we can provide enough firearms for every student. You will need a holster or a gun case for your firearm. You will also need to bring the amount of ammunition listed for your course. If you are using one of our firearms, you will need to bring your own ammunition to the class for that firearm. Firearms must be .32 caliber or larger to qualify for concealed carry.
We will also have various calibers and models of firearms at the range if you would like to try them to see which fits you best. Ammunition will be on hand for each. There is no charge for trying out these firearms but you will have to reimburse the ammunition costs. You will not have to reimburse an entire box cost, but simply the number of rounds you choose to fire.
Q. Do I have to provide my own ammunition for the classes or do you provide it?
A. We prefer that you bring your own ammunition. We do have ammunition on hand for various calibers of handguns but we do not have enough to cover every person who comes to our classes, every class. If you absolutely can not find ammunition, we can help you with that to insure you spot in the class. But please, try to purchase your ammunition ahead of time so that we can continue to have ours for students who just can't find it. We do not sell ammunition to the public. Our ammunition is for students attending our classes only
Q. What is the CCW Refresher Course?
A. Once you have obtained your Conceal Carry permit the State of NM requires that you attend a 2 hour refresher course at 2 years and a 4 hour refresher course at 4 years to keep your permit current.
Q. Where can I practice with my firearm?
A. Shooting skills diminish if you don't practice. The Butterfield Shooting Range is located west of town just past the Love's Truck Stop. If you can't make it to the range, you can try dry fire exercises but make sure your firearm is not loaded! Remember, dry fire exercises can not compare to live fire exercises on a range to help develop shooting skills. You can also sign up for any of our firearms courses.
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